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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sound comparison -- from very inexpensive to quite expensive

I just found this comparison of a number of ukes made by a fellow in the UK.  I think that everyone will be able to hear the sound differences between the very inexpensive and the most expensive, an all koa tenor.  Some differences will be the body size, the larger bodies having a fuller sound, but even the small koa soprano has a great sound.  Within the same price range, there are differences (such as the Dolphin sounding pretty good compared to the others).  The Flea and Fluke are made in Massachusetts,  the two koa ukes are made in Hawaii, the rest are made in Asia.

Most folks will prefer the sound of the ukes having a solid top.  For having a laminate top, I think the Flea and Fluke are nice sounding ukes, but some of this is probably related to the rounded shape of the body.

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