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Welcome to the Tulsa Ukulele Club website. We are a group of people of all ages who enjoy playing the ukulele. We welcome every level of player from beginner to professional. We play a wide variety of music, as diverse as our membership. Right now, if you come to one of our meetings you are going to hear a lot of old time standards, country, folk and blues, possibly some Gospel, but we are welcome to new influences.

While our emphasis is on ukuleles, we welcome other instruments too. Bring your harmonica or guitar and of course, a kazoo is always welcome.

We are a family oriented organization and encourage the entire family to attend, even the little guys, so long as they do not disrupt the meeting. Watch this site for special announcements for meetings when we will be offering free beginner's ukulele lessons.

We have been evaluating several alternative sites for our meetings. Watch the blog postings below for the latest meeting place. At this time (10-17) we are meeting in the lobby of the Cancer Center of America in the first Thursday, have an Open Mike Night and jam on the second Thursday at Burgundy Place and the other Thursdays are jams at Burgundy Place or some other location. Check the blog, the web page or contact us for latest plans.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Another good song site

The Internet is amazing.

I just found another great site for music with aver a dozen small collections of songs prepared for a uke club (in Great Britain).  You may not like the format as well as our standard, but it is compact, and we can always take the lyrics and chord information and reformat it.  It is nice, like some other sources, that it includes open position chord fingering positions.

Lots of numbers of which most of us are not familiar, like this cute Valentine Day number, "I want to marry a lighthouse keeper".

http://www.wukulele.com/ is the site for the music

Enjoy the fun.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spotlight Theater

As you may know, we have had four members of the Spotlight Theater team play with us from time to time, and they are having a special evening on Friday, February 10.  Many of the folks who put on the Olio section of the normal show will put on a special evening of all Olio selections.  Just an evening of good local talent doing their thing.  It should be a great evening.  Should we get a block of tickets?



February 14 meeting

It is time to start thinking about our next meeting on Feb. 14 since this is a special day. This is Valentine's Day and we should be doing some special songs that evening. Everyone should select a couple appropriate songs, either from our club song book, or from their personal files, so we can have a nice evening with a variety of numbers.

I will open the "appropriate" classification to all typical Country Western themes too, not just plain "love you" numbers. CW songs cover the range from falling in love, being in love and falling out of love, so we can live with that. But no "murder" songs like "Banks of the Ohio" please.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meeting Review 1-24-12

I had a blast at last night's meeting at WCD with several returning players as well as a first-timer. Our music selections spanned the decades as did our ages, from the teens through the... well, let's just say 'retired'. 

We played some tin pan alley and early swing/jazz, laid back with Jimmy Buffet and reminisced with The Eagles. I especially enjoyed playing a couple of songs written by Okies as well as an Okie-fied version of a little Hawaiian tune, but my favorite was a fast blues number. Can it really be blues if it's fast and spunky?

Jeff showed us a simple but effective way to spruce up some song endings, but since I was having fun I didn't take notes. Bad student! So if you also forgot, or missed the meeting, I know he will be happy to share the tips again. At the Tulsa Ukulele Club you can never fall behind or be too new, because we always assist beginners and help each other out through any tricky spots.

Our next meeting is on Valentine's Day, so drag your Valentine along (we always have an extra uke or two) and join us for some fun and great food from a warm and welcoming staff at the Western Country Diner.  We'll be trying out some love songs, nothing sappy, mind you, but they might be served with a little cheese ;)

Hope to see you there!   --Kay

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bored, need some spice?

Unhappy with your progress.  Bored some of the time.

Well, you can't do this with a guitar.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pops Bayless in concert

Pop's is a well known musician, based in Austin, and the founder of several bands.  He routinely plays a uke and banjo.  He has composed many songs, including a complete off-Broadway show for his Shorty Long* band.  Pop's is a fixture in the Texas uke world and we in OK should know him.  I like to call him a friend too.

The next time he comes to the Dallas area, we should get together and car pool to his show.

Pop's is also an accomplished uke teacher and if we ever want to bring in a professional for a workshop in
Tulsa, he would be a good choice.

I cannot seem to get this link to show so you will have to click on it to see it. In this clip he is performing several of his own songs.

Please note that for the most part he is using a simple strum so it shows what can be done with a simple right hand technique.


*  Short left hand nails, long right hand nails


Friday, January 13, 2012

Does this work for you?

I picked this up from kay's facebook page.

Works for me. But onnly I would follow this advice!!!!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

OKC meeting

Here is a last minute notice that the OKC group of acoustical instruments in meeting tomorrow night in OKC. Jeff Howard has information.

This is a regular meeting for the first Saturday of the month so I will have to remember to put it on our calendar.

The OKC group is finalizing plans for a local uke club and when that gels we can put that on our calendar too.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

World Ukulele Day

Ukulele Mike has just reminded us that February 2 is World Ukulele Day.

So got some suggestions as to what our group can do?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January meetings are coming up

We have two meetings scheduled for this month -- next week on Tuesday the 10th and the second one on Tuesday the 24th.

Bill Jensen is making some selections of songs that he thinks we will enjoy playing, both at our normal jam sessions as well as at a potential gig at the Spotlight Theater, joining Bill in his regular spot on the Olio Spotlilght calendar in February or March. I'm looking forward to seeing which songs he likes for the theater.

Hope everyone can make it on the 10th.